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165 years of Passage

The “Passage” passed the nice way in 165 years of its’ history. All that has been created in the “Passage” for more than half a century, it has to work a few generations of Passage-people. The highest spiritual and labor qualities were always inherent in them.
An aristocrat Count Yakov Ivanovich Essen-Stenbock-Fermor was the author of the idea of construction of a new trading house. In those years, on the first floor of “Passage” warehouses were placed, on the second - space for commercial establishments, on the third - the living quarters. Concert hall took place in the case of the Italianskaya street. The covered street gallery was stretched at the length of 180 meters.

Today the "Passage" is not only a part of the historical heritage of St. Petersburg. Daily the "Passage" is visited by more than 10,000 visitors. The modern “Passage” uses considerable popularity at foreign and Russian tourists.

In 2011, the "Passage" was purchased by an American investment company Jensen Group. Updating of facades, interiors and engineering communications is in the long term planned.