The most awaited project of Saint Petersburg – the new shopping arcade “Passage”

Nevsky Prospect is the center of Saint Petersburg`s life. Framed with architectural and historical monuments, it is the heart for the city, setting the pulse for all surrounding parts of the city. There is an absolutely special atmosphere in the center of Saint Petersburg. Here antiquity blends with democratic modernity, an opportunity for affairs – with artistic talent, a whirl of feelings – with midday bliss. The centre of the city is like a modern theatre with a rich history: always in sight but never fully unraveled. This is the true Saint Petersburg.

The eminent trading palace of Saint Petersburg – the Passage – is situated in the very centre of Nevsky Prospect. Ideally located, well planned out, it will open its doors refreshed and rejuvenated in the near future. The historic Passage, a timeless building, has long awaited renovation.

The dynamic rhythm of modern life will harmoniously flow into the atmosphere of the historic Saint Petersburg in the new concept of Passage. A remarkable atmosphere of warmth, hospitality, comfort and joy will overwhelm guests of the shopping complex. Everyone will dream of returning to the Passage  again to experience its fairytale mood and unforgettable emotions.

An updated tenant mix will allow the Passage to start anew. It will be possible to enter the two-level stores from separate entrances along Nevsky Prospect. Boutiques, restaurants and cafes will be located on the walking street formed by the central gallery of the Passage.

The Passage will once again become a gallery of famous brands, many of which have yet to arrive in Saint Petersburg. People will come from all over the city to purchase unique goods and souvenirs.

A spectacular entertainment whirlpool will impress the most sophisticated connoisseurs of impressions. Here, each person will plunge into the wonderful world of dizzying discoveries and childhood dreams.

Every day visitors will gather in cafes and restaurants of the Passage. In addition, they will be able to choose the freshest farm products and fine wines from around the world in the food market, located on the ground level.

A Tourist Information Centre will attract a constant stream of Russian and Foreign guests of the city. People will be able to book tours and receive information about the events and attractions of Saint Petersburg.

The renovated the Passage will delight and surprise everyone.