Anna Slavutina store

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Anna Slavutina is a dynamically developing brand of designer jewelry. It was founded in 2003 by the designer Anna Slavutina, who even today quite often personally meets guests in her Moscow boutique on Patriarchy.

The designer's jewelry is based on designer beads from all over the World, natural stones and only high-quality accessories. Anna leaves the design strictly to herself, many jewelry also pass through her hands, despite the team of the workshop that has developed over the years.

Over the years, the studio has acquired over 50 partners in Moscow (such as GUM, the Garderob store, the Vesna shopping center, Petrovsky Passage) and in 16 Russian cities.
Anna Slavutina assigns a special role to St. Petersburg. This city is so beloved for her that to marry Anna and her future spouse fled from Moscow here. Now, on the day of their wedding, Anna and Alexey are always in St. Petersburg, no matter what happens.

The idea to create a boutique in St. Petersburg originated a long time ago, a long and fruitful cooperation with the Faberge Museum and several other partners here is a confirmation of this. Now, in the very heart of St. Petersburg, in the legendary Passage, the Anna Slavutina boutique is opening, the volume of the exposition exceeding Moscow's one and a half times! This is a must see!

Come to Passage, Anna Slavutina's boutique is located near the central staircase, on the left.