Alena Goretskaya

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Alena Goretskaya - designer clothes for a stylish modern woman who perfectly feels fashion and prefers quality and comfort.

Each collection of the brand reflects the most current style trends of the season and, at the same time, there is a recognizable designer's emphasis, graceful femininity and elegance.

The line of women's clothing under the Alena Goretskaya brand is presented in a business, casual and smart style. The main task that the brand designer sets when creating collections is the possibility of maximum combination of products within the collection of the season. In addition, for each collection, according to the designer's sketches, designer accessories are made: bags, belts, jewelry, which reflect the style of each collection.
In Alena Goretskaya's clothes, our customers appreciate the emphatically laconic silhouettes with an emphasis on self-sufficient fabrics, skillful combination of textures, current colors, exclusive prints and decors, perfect fit and comfort.

The peculiarity of each collection from Alena Goretskaya is the thorough study of details, which gives the models an almost architectural precision and expressiveness. As a result of this work, the brand's collections look both strict and solemn, and, at the same time, feminine and sophisticated.