Falke store

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Falke is not just a clothing brand. This is a lifestyle, worldview and quality at the heart of the brand's concept. The official store of the brand is located in the Passage Trade House. Here are the latest models and already loved collections for men, women and children. Uniquely designed soft knitwear gives a sense of perfection of your own image.

The German brand was created more than 120 years ago, but is still at the forefront of clothing and hosiery production technologies. A large company headquartered in Germany has branches in Slovakia, Portugal and other countries where textile production is at its best. The material used for sewing is of the highest quality and is made specifically for the brand in the best factories in the world.

A person who lives in the Falke style is one for whom the whole world is not enough. He knows what he wants, looks for the best and succeeds. It is no coincidence that the Ergonomic Sport System premium sportswear collection plays an important role for the brand. Beautiful lines, convenience, high-tech solutions - a unique fusion of scientific achievements and design developments.

Soft knitted fabrics made from natural materials that wrap your body pleasantly are the basis of the Falke collections. Here everyone can find something of their own. The unusual design of socks, stockings, golfs will declare their owner as a person with great taste. For a long time, the collections could only be bought through the company's website, but now there is an official representative office in St. Petersburg. The showroom is located in the very heart of the city - on the first floor of the Passage shopping center.