Fashion Loft store

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Fashion Loft clothing is a unique combination of a wide range of products and attractive prices. Shopping that is enjoyable is the main concept of the store, where the leading European brands are represented. Here you can also find products of little-known ateliers, for which world-famous designers predict a great future.

The loft concept is freedom, simplicity and the ability to appreciate details. The basis of the showroom's collection is made up of outerwear for women by the brand from Denmark Loft Fashion. Comfortable models for different seasons are distinguished by soft textures and convenience. The lines bring out the femininity of the look, even when it comes to outdoor jackets.

A company with a long history relies on quality and environmental friendliness. So, for the production of woolen fabrics, recycled natural materials are used. Fur coats and jackets are made from natural fur in the form of fur ropes for large knitting, which reduces its consumption without compromising the warmth and beauty of the product.

Fashion Loft - clothing for all women, regardless of age and body size. A variety of models allows you to emphasize the features of fragile young ladies and the dignity of ladies of royal sizes. Both girls of 20 years old and women of the age of wisdom can choose the right one. The style variety is huge - functional down jackets, feminine coats and fur coats, light jackets for walking and outdoor activities.

Fashion Loft store is not only outerwear, but also light outfits for warm weather. At the heart of natural materials - linen, cotton, pure wool. The concept of the presented brands is naturalness, a path to oneself and freedom without the conventions of modern trends. It is timeless femininity in the guise of elegant simplicity.

Boho-style dresses, skirts, blouses attract women without prejudice and who value real themselves. Here, the rules for wearing loose-fitting clothes are overturned - it looks equally good on women of different sizes and ages. Natural colors, simple but carefully thought-out patterns are the right way to open your personality to the world and to yourself.

Trading house "Passage" opens its doors for all women who are looking for clothes that can express their essence. The Fashion Loft is located on the ground floor of the complex.