Gobi Cashmere is a unique combination of the most delicate Mongolian cashmere and European quality. Warm, soft, durable - it has long won hearts around the world. Now the residents and guests of St. Petersburg have the opportunity to buy clothes made of high quality natural fabrics.

The international concern Gobi Mongolian Cashmere (Gobi) has been producing premium cashmere clothing for over 40 years. The company occupies a significant position in the world among the brands of the industry. The reason is high quality standards, classic models and a wide range of products.

Good cashmere has always been considered a rarity - only the best down of goats of a special Kashmir breed is selected for production. This is a hypoallergenic material that retains heat well, but does not allow overheating - it is comfortable in products made of it at any air temperature.

Thin, durable, beautiful and surprisingly warm fabric in the old days was valued in Europe for its weight in gold. Now products made from it are available to a wide range of buyers.

Quality, beauty, convenience

The production of Gobi cashmere is closely monitored at every stage - from collecting raw materials to sending them to stores. For yarn, which is produced in Mongolia, the fluff is collected by hand. Only the best types are used, which are further sorted and sent to special machines for further processing.

Modern equipment is used for sewing clothes. The advanced technologies of Germany and Japan take into account the characteristics of the material. Working with the finished fabric is gentle - no stretching or twisting is allowed. The designs of the models are predominantly classical, reflecting the concept of beauty through simplicity and comfort.

All employees working in the company at every stage of production and sale are trained. Thanks to this, high quality standards are observed, which fully complies with modern environmental and safety requirements. The stores have competent salespeople who can advise on any type of product.

In St. Petersburg, the official representative of the Gobi Mongolian Cashmere brand in Russia is Karakorum Cashmere LLC. In the corporate showroom on the 1st floor of the Passage shopping mall, not only classic models are presented, but also clothes from the YAMĀ Cashmere by Gobi brand. These are products that combine European quality, the latest fashion trends and the tenderness of cashmere linen.