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The Allan Benjamin Company company was founded in 2006, in the Passage the Salon "Old Engravings and Books" was opened.

We entered the market of St. Petersburg with a highly specialized product - ENGRAVE.
According to the classical definition, Engraving is a print made from a wooden, metal or stone board, processed in a special way.
Engraving covers almost the entire history of printing: incisor engravings, etchings, aquatint, lithographs, heliograving, photo engraving and phototyping.
Engraving has the property of circulation, because it exists in several, and often in many, copies. Due to this, engravings from paintings are widespread throughout Europe.

Over the years, we have made friends with many collectors and connoisseurs of antiques. We cooperate with museums, designers and artists of the city. Repeatedly participated in the exhibition "Antiques". In March 2009, the company was reorganized. The salon changed its name to “VERNISSAGE” and expanded the range of graphics sold.
It was in the era of the RENAISSANCE, at the turn of the XIV-XV centuries, in Europe that a new art form appeared - ENGRAVE.

Landscapes and castles, Cathedrals and Views of the cities, Ancient maps and Historical costumes, Hunting and fishing, Furniture and Architectural ensembles, Coats of arms and Engraved portraits, Battle scenes and Everyday subjects, Floristics and Animalistics, Bible themes and Judaica, Medicine and Mechanisms - these are incomplete list of subjects of the submitted works.
Engravings and paintings are an enduring value that fosters and develops a sense of beauty, transforms the interior with the nobility of antiquity and “inexpensive luxury”.

Currently, the VERNISSAGE salon is primarily a team of like-minded people who specializes in selling antique prints, old photographs and postcards, posters and books from the time of the USSR, porcelain and paintings by contemporary artists, as well as prints from St. Petersburg graphic artists.
The VERNISSAGE salon team is attentive to customer requests, trying to satisfy everyone’s wishes!
We select gift options or a baguette to design your favorite etching or lithography. And we carefully pack the purchase in a beautiful package with a company logo.

VERNISSAGE plans to conduct thematic lectures in the Salon for our regular customers, develop the page in INSTAGRAM @VERNISSAGE_PASSAGE, and participate in antique exhibitions and holiday events of the Passage.
We also plan to launch “Gift Certificates” for 5,000 and 10,000 rubles.

We invite collectors, designers and tour guides to cooperate!

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