Theme park of interactive entertainment "Welcome to Masha and the Bear" - coming soon

The amusement park for children "Visiting Masha and the Bear" is a unique interactive playground. It is dedicated to the world of the main characters of the popular Russian animated series. Fascinating adventures, games, attractions and entertainment await kids and older children.

The train to the Magic Forest departs regularly from an unusual station located on the third floor of the Passage shopping center. Children and adults will have to find the missing girl Masha - the main character of the fairy tale. On the way to achieving the goal, many trials await them:

  • puzzles;

  • quests;

  • contests;

  • competition;

  • quizzes;

  • various games.

A children's amusement park in the very heart of St. Petersburg is able to captivate children for the whole day. It is filled with bright, original decorations, zones for quiet and active games, and a variety of interactive opportunities. Here the world experience of creating such spaces using world technologies was embodied. So, at the end of the journey, the children will find a real VR theater, where any fantasy comes to life.

For family holidays, birthdays and other joyful events, Masha and the Bear are invited to cozy and colorful patirums: "Moscow-Beijing" and "Ambulance of wolves". Any celebration will become brighter in the cheerful atmosphere of the Magic Forest, surrounded by heroes of your favorite cartoons.

What a fairy tale without treats? The Medveditsa Cafe offers simple, tasty and healthy meals for the whole family. Affordable prices, varied offerings and a focus on baby food make sure even the pickiest toddlers don't go hungry. Have a snack? You can return to your fabulous friends again!

The themed gift shop offers a variety of toys, fun and educational games, puzzles, home and school supplies, clothing, books and magazines. Here you can buy something to remember a pleasant time spent or pick up a gift for your child.

Hear the melodic chime? Hurry up! The train leaves for the Magic Forest! The theme park “Visiting Masha and the Bear” is located on the third floor of the “Passage”.