Boutique office center

The pride of the updated Passage is its designer “A” class boutique office center that covers an area of 8,695.6 m2. A large-scale reconstruction and modernization were carried out in the building which was originally constructed according to the project of Jules-Louis-Auguste Benois.

The result of all these efforts is a comfortable business space in the very center of St. Petersburg. Our office center has a well developed infrastructure, it provides full range of high-class services that emphasize the status of tenant companies and guarantees a productive work of employees.

Two inner courtyards of the office center are transformed into cozy and picturesque recreation areas. An exclusive design and a large number of creative and educational venues create a special atmosphere in the boutique office center.

Project advantages:

— modern engineering and utility systems;

— efficient design of workspaces and public areas, including conference halls, meeting rooms, lounges for non-staff personnel, recreation areas for relaxation and informal meetings;

— soundproof coverage with unique characteristics;

— excellent natural lighting;

— the exclusive design of the office centre.

Leasing Department