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The open space Art-way, in the very center of the Passage, combines the theme of accessories and gifts.

First of all, it is a wide selection of scarves, shawls and stoles from different parts of the world. We take the best from each country: Italians are known for their design, China for exquisite silk, India has the best cashmere, and Germany is famous for the unsurpassed quality of products from the famous Valentin Fraas factory, which is the world leader in the production of textiles.

The collections feature trendy colors of various textures, ranging from the finest, most delicate modal, to woven, incredibly warming yak wool brought from Tibet.

We always surprise and delight with the men's assortment: here you can buy a foulard silk scarf, a casual-style stole, and a classic wool and cashmere scarf.

The accessory group is complemented by high-quality caps, belts, gloves, butterflies.

Here you will find beautiful stoles and gloves from France from Michel Katana, he claims that accessories have ceased to be a fashionable addition, today they are the first violin in the image of a person! By grouping and changing accessories, you can change the image as a whole, these are elements that form the character of the style. And it's hard to disagree with him!

We treat with great love the theme of brooches, which, recently, has received a new sound from the most demanding audience! It is important to wear both one and several.

Original hand-made bags made of different types of leather attract attention, including travel bags, from miniature “ladies'” forms to huge “travel” options.

And, of course, a special, reverent attitude to the amazing topic of handmade toys that will leave no one indifferent! These are both large interior dolls and pocket ones that fit in the palm of your hand. More than 20 different authors are ready to delight and touch you and your loved ones! Many masters are not just creators, they are wizards. The magic of the doll is mesmerizing, eye-catching. I want to consider them in detail, and ... take them with you!

Art-way is a unique project, lively and open to new talented authors who are ready to cooperate with us.

The uniqueness lies in the fact that with us you can not only choose a product made in a single copy, but also make your dream come true by ordering a doll or toy, for you personally: your favorite pet or portrait doll, made in different techniques, presented in our showcases.

The skill of the artists was appreciated not only by residents of St. Petersburg, our exhibits are already living in California and Australia, Germany and France.

Art-way is both gifts and the best souvenirs in any situation!

An always friendly and cozy atmosphere awaits you every day in our store!

This is an open space in the center of the Passage, to the right of the central staircase.

See you!

You can place an order or receive information about availability or readiness by phone (Viber, WhatsApp): 8-921-871-64-48, 8-921-329-83-71.