Chinese restaurant "Tiger Lily"

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The trendy Chinese restaurant Tiger Lily in Passage Trading House is a style multiplied by impeccable quality and sophistication. The famous dishes of the Chinese and Pan-Asian menus are designed for both sophisticated connoisseurs and those who are just opening the veil of gastronomic secrets for themselves.

Stylish light interior, live plants add colonial chic to the restaurant. Huge stained glass windows stylized as the windows of Gothic temples, sturdy wooden tables, modern, unobtrusive music - this is the atmosphere of Tiger Lily.

What the restaurant is highly regarded for by culinary aesthetes is its unique cuisine that combines the sophistication of Asian traditions with a solid European approach. Guests are offered fried rice, Peking duck, dim sum, bao, frog legs and shrimps - everything for which we love the unusual oriental menu so much.

Separately, it should be said about drinks and desserts. There is not only tea, but also homemade lemonades that combine various delicate flavors, such as lavender and mint, rosemary and mandarin. The wine list is dominated by drinks with notes of flowers, as well as a fashionable trend - eco-wines.

The best way to talk about a restaurant is to visit it. We are waiting for you on the 1st floor of the Trade House "Passage".