Schastye restaurant

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Coziness, relaxed atmosphere and excellent cuisine - what else do you need after a pleasant shopping experience or in anticipation of it? The "Schastye" restaurant in the courtyard of the "Passage" shopping center invites you to relax and taste dishes of world cuisine, cooked deliciously and with love at home.

The new restaurant has already won a loyal following. The concept of pop-up (translated from English “to appear unexpectedly”) has recently become fashionable for megacities, and a sudden corner of calm and comfort is what you need for a pleasant stay. Light interiors with vintage motifs, comfortable armchairs, live plants and a real library will create a feeling of home.

We should also say about the menu. Many dishes familiar from childhood are served here in the author's interpretation of the chef - still delicious, but with new shades. Here you can find borscht and coconut pudding, homemade dumplings and duck in honey, salmon steak and delicious cheese cakes. Brunch, set breakfast and lunch are served every day.

Everyone here can find something for themselves: fish lovers, meat eaters, weight watchers, vegans and vegetarians. There are also treats for children. Alcohol should be mentioned separately: guests are offered still and sparkling wines, which are poured by the glass or served in bottles. We are especially proud of the cocktail menu with “old friends” and exclusive author's cocktails from the brand bartender Alexandra Yupatova.

The change of seasons dictates renewal, so with the onset of warm weather a summer terrace "Happiness" will open at Nevsky Prospekt, 48. Cozy blankets, warm light of lanterns and comfort will await you in the courtyard of the Trading House "Passage" (Italianskaya St., 17).