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Konplott jewelry is a real hymn to women, their beauty and deep inner strength. Their author is Miranda Constantinidou, a professional fashion designer and fashion illustrator, whose work has left a significant mark on the world of design rarities. “Jewelry is events, memories, feelings. Like music or smells, they can fill us with unforgettable emotions. But I am inspired by a woman, every woman: these are my relatives, friends, colleagues, masters, women whom I meet in the city, cafe, theater ... "

In 1986, the designer founded the Konplott / Miranda Konstantinidou jewelry brand. Since then, boutiques with her products have appeared in the world's fashion capitals and major cities, including Luxembourg, Berlin and St. Petersburg. Over the long history of development, the aesthetics of the works have remained the same, thereby proving the inviolability in the raging sea of ​​trends.

All products are created according to sketches and under the personal control of the author. Handcrafted, limited editions make them rare with a touch of elitism. New collections are released monthly, and only a few times a year a genuine masterpiece is born in the workshop, the value of which far exceeds the usual understanding of jewelry.

Konplott / Miranda Konstantinidou jewelery is considered to be bijouterie, since no precious metals and stones are used in their creation. However, in terms of quality and complexity of execution, these are undoubtedly examples of jewelry art. The original design is always paired with an unusual production technique. In 1993, Miranda Constantinidou first introduced models crocheted from metal threads. Today this know-how is considered a classic. Each piece is created entirely by hand.

Each model in the Konplott / Miranda Konstantinidou range has a distinctive and unusual design. One piece of jewelry can combine the most diverse and sometimes very rare materials. Swarovski rhinestones, glass, vintage beads from the 1920s or 1960s, wood, leather, suede, silk, rhinestone, Italian mosaic or hand-painted textured stones.

In many collections, for example, Caviar de Lux (2017), you can find waxed beads. They were invented in Spain in the 18th century as a democratic, but extremely beautiful replacement for natural pearls. Today, the Czech Republic is the center for the production of waxed beads, and the technology remains very laborious: glass beads are strung on special wooden frames, then covered with paint and, finally, with a special fixing varnish, which has replaced traditional beeswax in our time.

The Konplott bijouterie store is open at Passage Trading House. You can enjoy the exquisite work and personally try on jewelry by appointment: (812) 385-11-59.