Moscow Jewelry Factory

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The brand store of the Moscow Jewelry Factory in the Passage Trading House presents jewelry and other items made of gold and silver with precious stones. New collections and beloved by many classics from one of the oldest enterprises in Russia guarantee consistent quality. Inserts with diamonds, emeralds, sapphires and enamels will delight true connoisseurs of luxury.

The Moscow Jewelry Factory is an enterprise with a century-old history. The most prominent cutters and jewelers worked here. Production is not limited to jewelry making. At different times, unique products were born here - for example, the famous Order of the Patriotic War.
Collectors highly value silver and cupronickel cutlery, the mass production of which was once famous for the plant. Cutlery with whimsical ornaments, crystal vases with forged elements, candlesticks, badges - all this was done at a high level of artistic skill.

Highly artistic jewelry and silver jewelry using semi-precious stones were popular with buyers, and now with vintage lovers. The company has repeatedly received the highest awards at exhibitions in the Soviet Union, Russia and abroad.

Now in retail stores you can find the full range of MYUZ products:
  • bracelets;
  • brooches;
  • chains;
  • earrings;
  • clips for ties and scarves;
  • rings - seals, wedding rings, rings, etc.;
  • pendants;
  • jewelry watches;
  • glasses frames;
  • cutlery and more.

A special highlight is the ability to buy a cut diamond with or without setting with the possibility of further buyback in a few years. This form of investment is rare. It makes it possible not only to profitably invest money, but also to get pleasure from owning a masterpiece of cutting.

In the official salon, consultants will tell you about the latest collections of the plant and the latest jewelry fashion. Here you can try on specific products, choose a headset or issue a gift certificate. A flexible system of discounts for regular customers, regular promotions and seasonal sales will allow you to become the owner of jewelry at pleasant prices.

The address of the brand store of the Moscow Jewelry Factory in St. Petersburg is Nevsky Prospekt, 48, Trade House "Passage". Luxury and beauty await you in the showroom on the 1st floor.