Olga Khoroshilova lecture “Praise to a vatnik*”


On November 25, Olga Khoroshilova’s lecture “Praise to a vatnik”  will be held in the lecture hall of Passage. The lecture is dedicated to one of the most curious and ambiguous types of overcoat - vatnik. You will find out when vatnik first appeared and how it has changed over the centuries, how a traditional Russian quilted jacket looks like, in what way it differs from the European "aceton" and you’ll figure out how wars and politics influenced its color and cut. Also we’ll discuss why a modern fashionable jacket must not be considered as a patriot, but a real enlightened liberal.

The lecture is scheduled as a part of an exhibition program of modern St. Petersburg designers, who, thanks to government support, participated in the “Who is next” winter and autumn fashion exhibitions in Paris. The exhibition is included in the official program of the St. Petersburg Cultural Forum.

Olga Khoroshilova is an art history PhD , historian of Art and Costume, assistant professor of St. Petersburg State University of Industrial Technology and Design, author of the books: “Special Horsemen” (2013), “Costume and Fashion of the Russian Empire. The era of Nicholas II ”(2013),“ Costume and fashion of the Russian Empire. The era of Alexander II and Alexander III "(2015)," Young and beautiful. 1920s Fashion ”(2016),“ War in Fashion. From Peter I to Putin "(2017).

Location: Passage lecture hall (Central staircase, under the bridge)

The entrance to the lecture is free.

Organizers: Masters School and Passage Shopping Center.

Registration link.