Wine, cosmetics and perfumery Piemaggio


Amazing place - Piemaggio wine boutique! Here are collected exquisite wines of the highest quality not only from different regions of Italy, but also from the vineyards of the especially valuable historical zone of Chianti Classico, located in the area of ​​Le Fioraye.

Each wine has its own voice and is ready to tell you its own story: about the land on which it was born, about the atmosphere that it has absorbed, about the hands that created it and the philosophy that was put into it.

There are also wine-based cosmetics and perfumes.

An exclusive collection of wines, chic niche perfumes, beauty care products and warm hospitality - like a teleport, will take you to the sunny slopes of Tuscany as soon as you find yourself in the Piemaggio boutique.

You can find Piemaggio on the 1st floor of our trading house.