Aurum Queen beauty boutique

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Aurum Queen beauty boutique is a network of multi-brand boutiques in the field of elite manicure, pedicure and anti-aging products.

The assortment of boutiques has the best global solutions from leading manufacturers in Germany, Japan, Korea and the USA. Among them are tools and means for caring for hands and feet, unique tools for hair care and health, Korean products with a powerful anti-age effect, as well as general restoration and cleansing of the body.

The proposed products have virtually no analogues in the price and quality segment, which makes them unique in the European sphere of beauty and health.

English brand Royal Tools
Royal Tools is a royal level manicure and pedicure accessories for everyone. Elite steel produced at one of the best plants in the world, build quality that guarantees more than one year of excellent operation, and an amazing effect from the application.

Japanese combs Barocco
Hairbrushes for salon and home use. Know-how lies in the unique design and special material of a large number of cloves. Hair styling is recommended by world stylists both in the salons of Europe and Japan, as well as in the USA.

Korean brand Lamucha
New generation anti-aging masks from a premium Korean brand. The use of masks is part of the Miss Korea program. The assortment includes masks for lifting the oval of the face, the second chin and neck, masks on the stomach to combat body fat and stickers on different parts of the body to combat body fat.

At Aurum Queen beauty boutique, you can find other products that meet the high standards of premium products.